Spielzeit 16/17

The Huge Comeback of the Average Dick

A play by David Becker

14., 20. & 21. May 2017 at Omega Erlangen

 (Michael-Vogel-Straße 1G, 91052 Erlangen)

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr, Beginn: 19:30 Uhr

Eintritt: € 6,- / € 4,- (ermäßigt)

Restkarten nur noch an der Abendkasse

Written and directed by: David Becker
Technicians: Florian Spiecker, Daniel Blindauer


We are the majority. We are average. Average skills, average boobs, average dicks, average height, average income, average weight, average chesthair, average beard, average butt, average clothes. We. Are. Average.

A team of international scientists starts a movement. A movement to give confidence and pride to the average people. After initially having only limited success, they decide to go one step further: they start creating a superaverage human being, that will lead the average people into a bright future.

“We have to start a movement, a movement for the average people.”

Hitler was a special snowflake.

Another team of international scientists, you know: the evil ones, vows to stop the Averagers by all means necessary. In order to defeat the Averagers, they create their own version of a human: a superhuman, dedicated to exceptionality and greatness. A true role model.

“In response to the creation of a superaverage role model by the Averagers, we have decided to create our own: a shining, glorious, unreachable superhuman.”

Who is right? Who is wrong? Who will win? Who will stop this madness?

The huge comeback of the average dick.


With: Ralf Altmann, Gabor Bozsik, Sarah Dönges, Julian Gosolitsch, Karina Hille, Sandra Knocke, Theresa Lettenmeier, Julia März, Linda Petersen, Elisa Sichelstiel, Jaap Swaminathan, Thomas Wendel